Having worked on both sides of the audition table, Richard has amassed knowledge and experience which he enjoys sharing with performers and students in workshops on audition technique and career development, and complement the book perfectly. These can range from a one-hour question & answer session, script-based audition masterclasses, mock auditions (either solo or as part of a panel), to his weekly course, 'The Art of Selling Yourself', which explores many aspects of selling an artist’s performing skills to potential employers, in twelve 2-hour sessions. The sixth season of 'The Art of Selling Yourself' at the Actors Centre, London, took place from April to July 2017.  

Richard works regularly with many drama schools, colleges, universities, training centres and groups including:

The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, New York


The Actors Studio, New York

Guildford School of Acting

Rose Bruford College

London School of Musical Theatre

Birmingham School of Acting

The Actors Centre, London

The Bardar Academy, Norway

The Actors' Guild of Great Britain


Surviving Actors

The Advanced Performers' Studio

Fuse London

as well as leading live events for Samuel French Ltd and The Stage.

To enquire about workshops or booking Richard to work with your college or group, call him on +44 (0)20 8994 6304 or email him with details of your requirements and contact information. 

PLEASE NOTE: As a member of The Casting Directors' Guild, Richard abides by their workshop guidelines. He therefore only works with recognised groups and does not offer private advice sessions to individuals.