The new and updated second edition of Richard's book, AUDITIONS: THE COMPLETE GUIDE, was published on both sides of The Atlantic, by Routledge in April 2014.  Intended for performers at every stage of their careers - and future careers - it is on the reading lists of many drama and theatre schools and universities and is selling well around the world.

The reaction  has been unanimously positive from readers and critics alike: Mark Shenton, theatre critic for The Sunday Express, described it as 'An invaluable step-by-step guide to virtually every eventuality', while Gemma, a recently graduated drama student, wrote 'The book is written with honesty, ease and so much knowledge and is very inspiring and comforting when you are heading out there in the big wide world!'

The book's website,, contains invaluable tips advice and resources on maximising your success at auditions and performing in general.

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